MT ATHENS, TORONTO farming will soon end.

Please be sure to proceed with 'Claim', 'Withdraw', and 'Pool remove' before farming ends.

MT SINGAPORE, RIYADH farming is Completed.

Please do not forget to proceed with 'Withdraw', and 'Pool remove'.

CItySwap Whitepaper is now ready

You can download the latest version in the About menu. You can check detailed information such as CityToken, Allocation, Team & Advisor, and more.

Farm and Earn CT and MTs

Provide liquidity with various tokens and farm CT and MTs. You can start it right now in the CT farming and MT farming menus.

DeFi of the Cities around the world

CitySwap is a decentralized exchange(DEX) consisting of automated market making(AMM) pools for exchanging ERC- 20 tokens on Ethereum. City Swap aims to maximize the financial credibility based on stable liquidity by providing benefits with clear holding value and usage value continuously to the stakeholders within its ecosystem.

DeFi ecosystem scalable

We build own DeFi ecosystem by expanding the scope of Money Market (CityCredit), Payments (CityPay), Futures Trading (CityFutures), and FX margin Trading (CityForex).

DEX beneficial for all

The stakeholders; Liquidity Provider, Project Currency Holder, and CitySwap Traveler, will take the financial performance obtained as the project grows.

Trust the trustless network

We don’t rely on any singular third-party to operate. And it allows everyone to take the charge of their assets and investments.

How it works

CitySwap has a Token Economy with CityTokens (CT) and MetropolisTokens (MTs) as key components that support DeFi’s Yield Farming.

MTs are composed of tokens derived from major cities such as Seoul, Beijing, and Singapore, where the cryptocurrency industry is well established, and CT is CitySwap’s protocol token and governance token that maximizes the value of MTs.